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  • king conveyor rollers

  • king conveyor rollers

  • king conveyor rollers

K-Polymer Conveyor Rollers

Engineered, latest technology, high quality and high performance conveyor rollers and idlers make a noticeable difference to the ongoing belt conveyor and bulk materials handling maintenance requirements, operational costs and engineered belt conveyor productivity improvements.

The challenges faced by many belt conveyor and bulk materials handling operators are never-ending; the conveyed bulk material characteristics are constantly changing; the working conditions are dusty, noisy and dangerous; the large collection of moving conveyor components, conveyor parts and conveyor accessories such as conveyor rollers and idlers need to be maintained and replaced often; sites need to operate at maximum efficiency while meeting critically important OHS and worker safety regulations. These factors are just a few of the challenges for belt conveyor maintenance managers/owners of mining and minerals processing plants, quarries and the extractive industry, recycling and construction aggregate materials sites, timber, pulp and paper mills, sugar and salt operations, grain handling as well as other bulk materials handling sites.

Over the last 30 years in the bulk materials handling industry, Kinder Australia has developed over time the excellent reputation and proven history of providing a comprehensive range of beyond expectation, high performance, longer lasting, reliable and compliant conveyor componentry and material flow. These engineered bulk material handling solutions resolve the immediate problem effectively, and create opportunities for further measurable gains by improving the overall performance of your production assets, as well as reducing shutdown time and resources.

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Kinder Australia is one of the leading and wholly-Australian, independently family-owned providers of innovative and reliable solutions that create real measurable productivity gains through engineered operational improvements to existing transfer points, material flow and conveyor systems.

Measuring order fulfilment by price and speed are still important to us and our dispatch KPI's are second-to-none. Our ISO 9001 accreditation sets us international benchmarks for quality which we continually maintain.

Our absolute focus is to resolve and advance our customers end-to-end handling processes by utilising our broad industry experience and expert engineering knowledge of emerging technologies.

Kinder Australia. Experience Innovation Productivity.

king conveyor rollers

(Belt conveyor rollers and idler types include: polymer rollers, pvc / plastic rollers, three roll trough; weigher idlers; three roll trough impact; suspended three roll trough and impact idlers; adjustable transition idlers; picking idlers; flat carrying plain idlers; rubber disc return idlers; trough training idlers; return training idlers; trough and return side guides; flat impact idlers; training idler; trough idler sets; flat carry idler sets; return idler sets; special idler sets; belt training idler sets; transition idler sets; catenary idlers; belt side rollers; wind guards. Other engineered belt conveyor and bulk materials handling solutions include: Conveyor Hardware, Anti-Wear, Conveyor Belt Cleaning, Conveyor Belt Support, Conveyor Belting and Belting Repair, Bucket Elevator Components, Conveyor Belt Tracking, Conveyor Pulleys and Lagging, Conveyor Rollers and Idlers, Conveyor Skirting and Sealing, Conveyor Dust Control Solutions, Conveyor Spillage Solutions; Conveyor system/ Process Equipment, Material Flow Chutes, Compliant Conveyor Safety and Environmental Solutions, Safety Guarding and Barriers, Hazard Prevention Maintenance, Return Roller Protectors, Belt Conveyor Covers and Enclosures, Safety and Control Switches.)